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High Waist Sauna/Spandex Leggings 503

$ 54.95

  • Sauna Fabric is the only real way to combat CELULITIS and LOWER WEIGHT is to tone the muscle and skin in the affected areas WITH EXERCISE.The Sauna is designed with smart fibers in neoprene of last technology, that increases the corporal temperature and allows to flatten the belly.
  • Sportswear for daily use
  • Great for targeting midsection (only) Spandex in leg area 
  • Ideal for walking, working or going to the gym
  • The garment generates heat that eliminates toxins.
  • The material, in addition to being very resistant, stretches to fit your body.
  • The capri in Lyra allows you greater flexibility in your movements while eliminating toxins from the body and stylize your figure.

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