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Waist Training Facts & Myths

Posted: Dec 01 2015

Just like any other popular trend, there’s a lot of information out there about waist training, and not all of it is reliable. Today, we’ll fill you in on the truth behind three common myths about waist training.

Myth: Waist training damages internal organs and has no health benefits.

This is the most widely-spread myth about waist training, and it’s simply not true. The idea that waist training damages internal organs is fueled by a few extreme examples from the past of women who laced their corsets too quickly and too tightly. This practice is practically unheard-of today—even waist trainers who practice so-called “tightlacing” typically do so safely and see few detriments to their health.

Waist training with a trainer or cincher from InstaCurve is completely safe and, as long as you select the correct size, comfortable. In fact, waist training tends to have only positive health benefits: wearing a cincher gently compresses the stomach, which encourages wise diet choices, and improves posture by supporting the back.

Myth: Waist trainers only achieve temporary shaping, and you won’t see permanent results unless you use a steel-boned corset.

For centuries, corsets were the preferred and most effective option for re-shaping the waistline. However, updated waist trainer technology means that you don’t have to invest in a costly, customized corset to get your desired hourglass figure.

InstaCurve offers affordable trainers and waist cinchers designed to not only give you instant curves but also help to re-shape and compress your waistline. When worn consistently, an InstaCurve shaper gradually re-shapes the waistline, especially when combined with exercise. Our cinchers also automatically encourage healthy eating so you’ll see a healthy, fit figure emerge naturally.

Myth: You must be below a certain dress size to waist train.

You don’t have to be naturally slim to see waist training results or to start your waist training journey. Anyone of any shape or size can waist train and see beautiful results. We offer a wide range of trainer and cincher sizes to fit your beautiful form. Men have also been waist training since the practice began, and we offer a waist cincher specifically designed for the male body.

Have more questions about waist training? Contact us, or visit our FAQs for the straight facts.