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SELECTED High Waist Sauna Leggings 504
SELECTED High Waist Sauna Leggings 504

High Waist Sauna Leggings 504



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The capri style InstaCurve High Waist Sauna & Spandex Leggings 504 are featured heat-generating technology to help your body burn fat while working out or during regular daily

Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

• Stretchy
• Comfortable
• Soft
• Flexible
• Generates heat to help burn fat
• Targets lower body including midsection, buttocks and thighs
• Creates shape
• Combats cellulite
• Sportswear for daily use

• Neoprene
• Spandex
The InstaCurve High Waist Sauna Leggings #503 run one size smaller depending on body size. We recommend going one size up.