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SELECTED 21 Day Weight-loss Meal Plan

21 Day Weight-loss Meal Plan



Size Chart

The InstaCurve 21 Day meal plan outlines 5 meal options to rotate which will optimize your health, weight-loss and fitness goals.

• Comfortable compression
• Midsection compression
• Firm
• Flexible boning
• Back support
• Creates shape
• Sportswear for daily use
• Maximizes your workout
• Corrects posture
• Stimulates fat loss
• Increased thermal activity
• Core resistance


Material & Product Info

Cotton 96%, Spandex 4%, 100% latex core, flexible steel boning (9)

Size Chart: Compare your measurements (by current height and weight) on the size chart below to find the best size for you.

The plan consists of nutrient-dense whole foods and food brand suggestions.
With our plan you are eating clean with the option to customize your meals daily, so no more becoming bored from the same ol’ thing or starving yourself; enjoy your healthy meals the way you choose. Not only with our plan can you lose weight you can also enjoy the benefits of losing inches, increased energy, a boost of confidence and overall better health. Experts say it takes 21 Days to make or break a habit so commit to 21 days of healthy eating and working out and it will become a GOOD habit.

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