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Join our Insta Curve 21 day Weight Loss Challenge for only 21 days and transform your body for a lifetime. Our steps are easy to understand, accessible to all ages and fitness levels, and effective. Our Fitness sauna line of products will help you shed water, burn belly fat, and allow your abs to build.  The main products are The Sauna Vest, High Waist Sauna BodySuit (504) and High Waist Sauna leggings (503), Workout waist Trimmers, These products are all comfortable, and easy to use. 


Our product line of Sauna will help you lose over  15 pounds within 21 days!  You can finally watch your pant size get smaller by the week.  can be used by men and women with a one size fits most body type. In addition to our 21 day meal plan are recommended to accompany with workout garments.


Eating right, prepping meals, avoiding all the bad (but tasty) stuff you know you shouldn’t eat, and oh yeah, staying committed to a healthy diet can be difficult. But it can be even more daunting right after the holidays when you’ve spent the last four or five weeks eating more rich, creamy, heavy, belly-clogging foods than you normally would. And let’s not forget about the cookies, pies, treats, and chocolates you’ve treated yourself to.


So in the spirit of starting fresh with a new year (but if you’re reading this and it’s, oh, say, June 5…who cares? Start now!), we wanted to make things easier on you with an entire month of healthy meals planned out for you. That’s right—the 21 Day Weight loss Challenge requires no guesswork, no research. Just recipes, tips, and yep, even treats to get you back to yourself in no time.


Complete the challenge become a brand ambassador for us! Get exclusive items, deals, and more!    

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Product options include:


High Waist Sauna Leggings- some benefits of our comfortable smart material neoprene sauna leggings, which primarily targets the whole midsection area to help stimulate sweat. This unique legging has smart material at midsection and spandex legs for fexability. 

Sauna Bodysuit- The cool benefit of our smart material neoprene Stylish sauna bodysuit, is that it targets your Arms, upper & Lower back, your stomach, thighs, legs and calves. Its Rare that a bodysuit have neoprene material all throughout the whole garment. 

Sauna Vest- Lightweight neoprene material benefits help you sweat extremely around your upper & lower back, stomach, and breast area. Has built-in sports racer bra, adjustable velcro straps, and hidden inside pocket.         

Velcro Waist Trimmer- Perfect trainer during a workout. Easy to use trainer offers great support for posture, has adjustable yet firm velcro sides, inner latex design stimulates thermal activity creating an ultimate sweat.   

Workband (short or long torso) -  Here what's so cool about this product, instantly knock inches off before you workout. Also, great for wearing underneath your work or everyday clothes. 

Workband Vest - Great for full top coverage. Premium quality latex, enhances posture, vest trims inches around your waist.