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SELECTED Sauna Vest 520
SELECTED Sauna Vest 520

Sauna Vest 520



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The InstaCurve Sauna Vest 520 is a fan favorite made to help you sweat and aid in the calorie burning process during a workout.

Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

Run 2 size small

• Comfortable compression
• Lightweight
• Flexible fit
• Adjustable
• Back support
• Creates shape
• Sportswear for daily use
• Maximizes your workout
• Increases perspiration
• Helps prevent post-workout fatigue and injury

• Neoprene

The InstaCurve Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt 512 runs true to size.

When you're working out, simply slip and wrap the InstaCurve Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt around your midsection, then pull the sides together for a firm fit and go! No hook-and-eye closures, no hassle. Since the velcro sides are adjustable, the waist trimming belt offers a perfect fit every time.